Thursday, August 19, 2010


So, I've had this stimulator in for nearly 15 months now, and sometimes the thing still itches like crazy.  Initially I thought it was just healing, but after this long I'm pretty sure it will always do this.  It itches under the battery box, where I can't scratch, of course.  To keep my sanity, I had to find a solution.  It seems that a soft bristled brush does the know, the kind you use in the shower.  You can find one just about anywhere; I got mine at Walgreens.  It doesn't reach beneath the battery of course, but for some reason scratching it lightly over the battery site eases that itching.  Just thought I'd share my tip if any of you with a stimulator have the same problem.

We have been busy busy busy this summer, with lots of weddings and out-of-town guests.  Thanks to my stimulator I've been able to attend and participate in all planned events.  I have to be a bit pickier about the dresses I choose, as I want them to cover my scar, but other than that, I feel like a normal person!  I've been not only working regular hours, but working extra hours, saving up some vacation time for a long trip in the future.  It's good to be living mostly free from pain, even if I am itchy sometimes.