Wednesday, January 6, 2010

List of Doctors for Occiptial Nerve Stimulators

Here is the list I have complied so far. I know there are a few others out there, I'm still waiting on a few responses from people as to those names. I will add to this list as I collect more names. Some people have also found it beneficial just to call Medtronic (one of the companies that make the stimulators) directly and ask if there is a doctor available in their area. Please let me know if you have anyone to add to the list! And thank you to everyone for your input and help!

NOTE: I cannot, and do not, vouch for any of these doctors, except Dr. Elborno as he is the only one I have any personal experience with.

Dr. Ahmed Elborno
Midwest Academy of Pain & Spine
Chicago, IL

Dr. Miles Day
Lubbock, TX

Swedish Pain and Headache Center
Seattle, WA

Mayo Clinic
Scottsdale, AZ

Elliot Pain Center
Manchester, NH

Dr. Thimineun
Comprehensive Headache & Pain Center
Derby, CT

Dr. Nagy Mekhail
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Dr. Linqui Zhou
Woodbury, NJ

Dr. Peter Pahapill
United Neurosurgery Associates
St. Paul MN

Dr. Ashwini Sharan
Jefferson Medical Center
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. William Witt
Cardinal Hill Rehab Hospital
Lexington, KY

Dr. Ramsin Benyamin
Millenium Pain Center
Bloomington-Normal, IL

Dr. James North
Winston-Salem, NC

Drs. Didier Demesmin and Jeffrey Gehret
University Pain Management Center
 Somerset, NJ

Precision Neurosurgery
Melbourne, VIC

Dr. Hammam Akbik
UC Pain Managment Center
West Chester, OH

Dr. Andrew Parent
London, Ontario

Medtronic also has doctors available in Montreal and Vancouver, although I don't know specific names at the moment.


  1. The doctor I am consulting with who I know has performed the surgery is Dr. Ashwini Sharan with Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. However, I haven't yet had my consult, so I can't say anything further about him.

  2. Thank you for this addition to the list. And good luck!

  3. I didn't have the implant since my insurance wouldn't cover it, but William Witt, formerly of the Univ. of Kentucky Dept of Anesthesiology and now with Cardinal Hill Rehab Hospital, apparently does quite a few ONS implants, both for headaches and for other types of pain

  4. Thanks for this list. It's so helpful to have all of the available information possible when considering this surgery.

  5. Hi, I am about to have my trial procedure done and came across your journal. I thought i'd add my doctor to the list. There website does not list it as a service, but they definitely do it. He owns the pain centers and has three locations in California. His name is Dr. Ray d'Amours. His pain management center is called "Universal Pain Management" website is They have 3 locations throughout california, (Palmdale, Bakersfield, and Valencia). All three of the locations are within 3 hours of LAX, with the closest one being only 50 minutes from LAX. He has another colleague on staff who can do the procedure, but I have had poor results with him. The procedures are often more painful then they need to be and he is much less understanding. His name is Dr. Jeung. Appointments with him are much easier to get though and he is experienced. Dr. d'Amours has done some blocks and epidurals for me before and has had a much better technique. After I get the trial done I can give a better review of the doctor. But I knew California was a big one and thought I should mention it :).

  6. My Partner is about to have ONS done at Swedish Headache & Pain Center in Seattle. So far Dr Yu has been helpful. It looks like our insurance company will cover it, wish us luck.