Thursday, October 28, 2010


There are a couple of exciting breakthroughs I want to mention for anyone who is interested.  The first doesn't have to do with occipital nerve stimulation, per se, but it's a breakthrough in migraine treatment.  The FDA has recently approved the use of Botox for migraine treatment.  My excitement from this approval is that it shows that there IS hope for new treatments to be approved!

But more importantly, supposedly there will be a nationwide medical trial conducted on nerve stimulators in regards to headache treatment in 2011.  What this means for you:  If you can't get your insurance to cover the stimulator, you can get it paid for under the medical trial if you get accepted.  I, unfortunately, do not have much information regarding the trial.  I do know that the Mayo Clinic has accepted several people but am not sure if the opportunity is only being offered through specific doctors/clinics, or is available all over.  I asked my doctor about it, and she hadn't heard anything about it.  She said she'd do some research and get back to me.  My suggestion would be to discuss the possibility of joining the trial with your doctor ASAP.  If any of you readers have more information regarding this trial, please let me know so I can share it with everyone.

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