Friday, May 6, 2011

New ONS Blog

I don't often have much to post anymore since my stimulator is in and working well.  It's hard enough to find the info that people want on this blog so I've vowed not to bog it down with a bunch of useful posts just to keep it active.  Consequently, I now go months without posting.  But even if I'm quiet, I'm still here and check my email daily so you can get in touch with me.

A fellow headache sufferer and blog reader has decided to blog about her experience getting a stimulator.  I want to share it so that people can hear a more current and different story than mine.  Because resources regarding occipital nerve stimulators seem to be so hard to come across, I'm really excited that "nutmeg04" has decided to document her experience.

Her blog can be found at: 

She just got her trial stimulator put in TODAY so show her some support and have a look!

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