Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bio-Oil and Swearing

ABC News published a really interesting article today. Apparently scientific research finds that swearing when you hurt yourself can actually act as a natural painkiller. Now I didn't want to give Nate this information, as he already cusses like a sailor when hurts himself in any way, but science is science, right? It's good to know that when I was lying in bed cursing (albeit quietly to myself) when I woke up from surgery and was in enough pain to spend the night in the hospital instead of going home, I was quite justified. Now I better explain that to my mother...and probably a few nurses.

Also, thanks to a friend, I found a really great scar treatment called Bio-Oil this weekend. Now, I can't yet attest to its effectiveness personally, but according to everything I've heard, both online and from friends of mine, it's fabulous stuff. You have to apply it twice a day (which is less than the other scar gel I was using), and it smells good (it has rosemary, lavender, calendula, and chamomile oils in it). It doesn't get your clothes greasy either. The one downside is it seems a bit pricey, but then again you get quite a bit in the bottle and a little goes a long way. I dunno, I just really like it, so far at least. I guess you really have to use it for at least 3 months before you seem much in the way of results but heck, I have a lot of healing to do so that's no big deal. It's not like these are old scars...they are brand new. I'd be putting something on them anyway so I thought I'd put something natural and effective on them. And just FYI, Bio-Oil can be used to treat scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tones, aging skin, and dehydrated skin. Multi-purpose...I like that for sure!


  1. Let me know how the bio-oil pans out. I've been on the fence about getting some.

  2. It might take a couple months to see any results but I'll let you know!