Friday, July 10, 2009

The Other Side of the Coin

I was surfing the net (such a funny term) and came across this fairly recent article regarding ONSTIM research. I was actually surprised that they didn't find the nerve stimulators to be more successful in the trial, but then I also would like to see the full details of the study. I'm curious to know how they picked candidates and what kind of pre-testing they did.

I'm sure occipital nerve stimulation isn't for everyone, just like drugs or hormones or diet changes aren't for everyone. So on the opposite side, I found this account of a woman who tried nerve stimulation and it didn't work for her.

Although to be honest, she was just deceiving herself throughout the process, which probably led to the failure, in a way. If she had been honest in the first place about her pain and results, she probably wouldn't have been chosen as a candidate for nerve stimulation and therefore wouldn't have had the chance to say that it's worthless and a failure. She, of course, failed to post my comments saying that I was "the other side of the coin" and that nerve stimulation worked for me. I hate biased writing like that. Although she does make a living off blogging about her migraines so what would she do if she ever did find a solution to them? I"m a big proponent of taking your medical care into your own hands, not accepting that you just have to live with chronic pain (as so many people do), and the power of a positive attitude.

Anyway, in an attempt to be less like her, I am hoping to post a few links that show that nerve stimulations isn't the God-sent for everyone as it has been for me.

Sorry, I just have to comment...if this took you SEVEN surgeries then your surgeon sucks. Period. That is unacceptable. No wonder the thing didn't work for your headaches.

Okay, so those are really the only negative accounts I can find right now, and unfortunately they are from the same site. I will keep looking though, as I think it's important to have both sides of the story. I can find way more positive stuff on nerver stimulators than I can find negative. I just wanted to attempt to be more balanced in my blog by posting things that differ from my point of view, unlike some other bloggers *cough sounding like "Kerriefromthedailyheadache"*.

Ultimately of course the decision is your and you have to be honest about what you are feeling and use your body to tell you the truth, not your emotions. I would have thought that was obvious but apparently it's a pretty big problem with people that experience failures with occipital nerve stimulation.

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