Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Be Famous!

Okay, not really. But my doctor called yesterday to check on me and said that because my stimulator was such a success, and that there are so few of them for headaches, they want to advertise my case and do some articles and whatnot about it. She said I can expect a call from the first reporter some evening this week! I'm excited to get the word out there. Heck, that's why I started this blog. But of course a blog doesn't really reach that many people. I want people who feel a desperate and frustrated as I did to know that there ARE options out there for them so I will talk to anyone and everyone about it. I'm sure some pepole will get sick of hearing about it but if I can help one other person, it's all worth it.

While I had her on the phone, I also asked about getting these wires on the right side of my neck adjusted. She said she was sure something could be done about that...but of course I have to go back to Chicago sometime to do it. So maybe over one of the long weekends this fall I can do that...if I can stand it long enough to make it until the fall. Part of me thinks I should get it adjusted ASAP and move on with my life. But my bank account (and probably my boss, if I'd ask him) argue otherwise.


  1. i have a few questions.

    if you ever wanted this thing out can it be removed?

    how did you go about getting this put in, how was the ball started?

    did insurance pay for it all or part?

    how would you rate if this thing is working for you?

  2. Hi Chrissy,

    Yes, the nerve stimulator is completely removable...that's part of why I got it. Because if it ever doesn't work or I don't need it anymore, it can be totally removed.

    I started by getting nerve blocks, and realizing that they worked, but only for a week. So I asked my doctor if there was a more permanent solution, and she mentioned occipital nerve stimulation. I did a little research and decided I wanted to try it. The trick is finding a doctor that knows about nerve stimulators and is able to implant them since it's uncommon. But if you need help, I have some resource I can call upon :)

    Insurance paid for all of it...but it was a long process to get it approved. They had to do their own medical review of my records and whatnot. But they paid for the trial and the permanent stimulator. Otherwise I couldn't have afforded it.

    I'd say my improvement is about 75%. I still have some bad days, but now instead of being laid out all day, it's just a few hours usually. And the pain isn't nearly as severe. And I have way more good, pain-free days than I did before.

  3. ya...i need help in finding a doc that does this....i live in jacksonville, fl......

  4. Well I asked my doctor and she is not aware of or familiar with any doctors in Florida that specialize in occipital nerve stimulators. Of course if you are willing to travel to Chicago, I'm sure she could/would treat you but I know that's not very helpful :(

  5. thank you so much for talking with me....can you ask if their is any doc closer....does not have to be in florida....just someone closer than chicago....thank you