Monday, June 8, 2009


I got home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. The first couple days were a bit rough, although not as painful as I expected. I had laproscopic surgery on my abdomen a few years back, and that was much more painful than this procedure. Then again, I have stronger painkillers this time and the incisions aren't as deep or in an area that moves all that much. But it's a pleasant surprise when you end up being in less pain than expected!

I felt really good on Sunday...good enough to get on the computer, although the angle of my arm when I'm moving the mouse doesn't feel great so I was not on there very long. But of course I think I overdid it that day because on Monday I slept most of the day and was in noticeably more pain. Oops.

Sleeping is difficult because it's hard to find a comfortable position for my head since there are incisions/staples on both sides. I also tend to not sleep well on pain meds. They knock most people out but they get me all crazy, and they make me itch. With all the tape and bandages, it's hard to get at those itches so it's kind of a never-ending cycle of craziness. I'm still taking the pain pills regularly but the pain isn't bad at all. The incision sites are more achy than sharp now. Where the leads were tunneled under the skin just feels like a bruise (it felt like that from the beginning, there was never sharp pain there). I just have to remember to take it easy or my shoulder starts to hurt because I think I'm moving it too much.

I'm a bit worried that the wires on the left side of my head are not in the right place. The front wire seems to be about an inch too far forward, and the back wire seems both too far up and too far to the left. I can't tell if they will work where they are or not because during surgery the doctor put a lot of local anesthetic in my head, and it hasn't worn off scalp is still numb. So I haven't had the headache pain come back yet to be able to try the stimulator out. In fact, I really haven't even had the stimulator on at all since I had the surgery. Between the pain pills and anesthetic, I haven't needed it yet. Keep your fingers crossed that I'm wrong about the wire placement because if they do need to be moved, that means opening my head up again on that side...something I will not be happy about. I'm ready to be done with surgery, pain, and medications and move on with my life!

I haven't been able to shower yet, which is kind of gross since my hair is crusted with blood, but the doctor told me not to shower until after I'd seen him on Friday to get my stitches/staples out. I think that's a bit ridiculous but I guess I better listen to him. I had a bit of a sponge bath yesterday but my hair is starting to drive me nuts. I've been camping for periods longer than this without a shower but I think it's just the idea that there is all that blood on my hair that's driving me crazy. A bit of dirt and grease is one thing, blood is another. Yuck.

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